Tips for buying a cabinet toilet

فواید استفاده از کابینت روشویی

Tips for buying a cabinet toilet

How to make the best choice when buying a cabinet toilet?

The method is one of the main details of the health service space, which has various types according to their type and application.

One of the main spaces that is essential in every home is the bathroom. In health services, there is a practical and main element called toiletry.

There are different types of toilets. One of them who has been with us from the past to the present; The toilet is ground or standing. Today, in addition to toiletGround, various and beautiful types of toilets are produced.

Toilet designs and models

Toilets are produced in two models of cabinets and without cabinets. Cabinets without toilets are the same as standing toilets, which are usually made of porcelain and were used in most homes. This type of toilet is produced in different dimensions and sizes. If you also use this model of toilet in your home and you are looking for a small change in your bathroom, we have a special offer for you. You can use a box or cupboard to store toiletries and detergents, depending on the amount of space available in your service..

As mentioned, another model of toilet called cabinet or unit toilet is designed and produced. This model is very popular because it is more practical, and by choosing it, you can easily use the space under your sink. The space under the sink is a good place to put all kinds of detergents and sanitary ware. Cabinet toilets are produced in two types of wall and base. If your bathroom is so small that you lose the space to place the bathroom slippers by placing a basic cabinet toilet, we suggest you use its wall cabinet type. The space under this toilet is a good space to put slippers or even a trash can.

If your bathroom has a lot of space and you do not face any limitations, we suggest you use a basic cabinet toilet. Due to the location of this type of toilet on the floor, this model can bear more weight than the wall model. As a result, you are free to choose the material of the sink and the plate on the unit.

Material and design of the toilet

Usually the toilet sink is made of unbreakable porcelain, but depending on your taste, you can order ceramic, glass, wood and metal sinks..

Transparency of the glaze and the absence of scratches and scratches, a surface without waves and unevenness, the absence of hair cracks (usually these cracks are not easily seen), resistance to detergents and acid are some of the points to consider when choosing a sink..

The most suitable material for a cabinet or unit is a toilet. Make sure that if you use wooden cabinets, it must be made of technology wood. Due to the high humidity in the services, the material used in these parts must be waterproof and moisture resistant. The material of the cabinet or bathroom counter can be made of natural stones such as granite, quartz, marble, etc. If you use natural stones, you should be careful in choosing detergents. Natural stones are vulnerable to acidic detergents.

Standard toilet sizes

Fortunately, different types of toilets with different dimensions and sizes have been designed and produced. If for some reason you can not use standard toilets, you can order your own toilet with the desired dimensions and size. Please pay attention to standard sizes when ordering. Of course, the standard height of the toilet is 80 cm, but you can consider its height more or less depending on the needs and height of family members. The width or depth of a standard toilet is 40 to 55 cm. Also, its suitable length is 40 to 60 cm.

Which method for what space and style?

One of the things to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom is the design and style. If you want to have a modern bathroom, choose a model whose sink is made of glass or ceramic and whose unit is made of pewter with a smooth and polished surface. Also, for its appearance, consider simple and expressive designs, such as squares and rectangles.

If you want a classic design, order units with a natural stone surface such as marble. Preferably, the bases should be curved with classic designs and carvings. The use of golden, baked red, crimson, eggplant and dark brown colors in these toilets will help you create a classic style. You can also order the cabinet material and its body made of wood; In this case, be sure to use dark wood color and illuminate it with sunlight (yellow).

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