Carino Cabin Industrial Group is one of the largest manufacturers of cabinet toilets in Iran, has been able to produce more than a hundred types of various and quality products with the help of expert forces, technical knowledge and advanced equipment. All the employees of this group have made every effort to offer high quality products and the excellence of Carino Cabin, and the result of this effort and cooperation has been the success of this brand in the domestic and foreign markets.
Due to the growing need of our country in the field of health products, the Carino Cabin complex started operating in 2010. With the start of activities and efforts to attract customer satisfaction and with the production of new and quality products, since 2016, the Carino Cabin development program was put on the agenda in several phases and began. At present, this company is one of the largest producers of this product in the country, producing more than 50,000 full sets per year. Carino Cabin’s main strategy is to move in the direction of customer orientation.
Carino Cabin considers customers as its main partner and all the progress of this collection is due to these partners.